Textbook Publication - December

Dr. Spearrin co-authors a new textbook on applied spectroscopy, published by Springer. The text provides an introduction to the science that governs the interaction of light and matter (in the gas phase) for the purpose of providing engineers, scientists, and aspiring students the basic knowledge to (1) exploit the light-matter interaction to develop quantitative tools for gas analysis (i.e. optical diagnostics) and (2) to understand and interpret the results of spectroscopic measurements.

SpectraPlot.com launched - January

Dr. Spearrin and colleagues at Lumina Labs, Inc. launch an integrated online simulation tool for spectroscopic data. The tool offers convenient access and visualization of disparate spectral data resources, and is open to public use.

'Rocket Men' article in Stanford Medicine Magazine - October

Stanford Medicine magazine features an article on the extension of laser absorption spectrosopy for breath diagnostics, highlighting an emerging area of cross-disciplinary research and profiling Dr. Spearrin and his colleagues who have driven recent progress in the field with an aim toward addressing pediatric emergency conditions.

Outstanding Paper Award - June

The journal of Measurement Science and Technology recognizes Dr. Spearrin and co-authors with an outstanding paper award for their work developing a new thermometry technique for high enthalpy, supercritical air.